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    Effective Advertising management and revenue maximisation effectively with expert assistance.
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For hotels and travel agencies

  • Would you like to maximize your revenue, but don't know how to get started?
  • Do you want to attract new potential guests and passengers cost-effectively?
  • Would you like to make better use of the spare capacity of your hotel and travel programs?
  • Do you want to gain a competitive advantage against the competition?
  • Is it too resource-intensive and time-consuming to manage existing ad surfaces, while you would like to try new sales channels as well?
  • Would you like to catch up with things and focus on your own tasks, and leave the management of ads, interfaces, and the associated administration to someone else?
  • Need expertise to improve processes, increase revenues, reduce costs, improve services?

We help you achieve your goals! In a free, personal, online or telephone consultation, we assess your preferences and opportunities and customize our services accordingly. Thanks to our performance-proportional remuneration model, cooperation with us is risk-free and can be rewarded instantly.


Planning your offers

Development of an offer based on professional advice to increase sales efficiency

Ads management

Full management of existing advertisement surfaces (booking pages, coupon pages, other ad surfaces).

New sales channels

Identification of collaboration opportunities and creating agreements with potential new advertising platforms both locally and abroad.


Review of existing cooperation agreements, analysis and translation of contracts, enforcement of more favourable terms, optimizing cancellation policies.

Efficiency improvement

Continuous monitoring of advertising results, performance-based optimization, pricing advice, development of information and text on the website, and reporting.

Risk minimization

Ensure that the advertising platform always performs in a timely manner by way of continuous financial monitoring.


Assisting in the implementation of new strategic agreements (related services, procurement).

Competition analysis

Follow-up of competitors, preparation of an action plan if necessary.

Vocational education

Training your receptionist colleagues on administrative activities related to guests, attracted from ad surfaces.

Service development

Based on guest feedback, applying the arising preferences and suggestions.

Social media management

Creation of a corporate profile on social media, development of a communication strategy, ads creation and management.

Establishment of a frequenter program

Development of a detailed strategy and establishment of a guest loyalty system according to opportunities and preferences.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of cooperating with us!

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Together with our Strategic Partners, we also provide you the following cost-effective services

Website development, web page creation.

Graphics (webdesign, posters, ad images, signboards, molinos, business cards, etc.).

Professional photography, video and drone footage.

Selection and integration of reservation systems / channel management systems according to the demands and available options.

Outsourcing of the accommodation - our professional, recognised management partner company is able to take over the day-to-day tasks of the hotel and delegate full management to the hotel if required.

Producing unique promotional items and gifts (pens, fridge magnets, towels, robes, slippers).

Purchase of unique products (wines directly from the producer, craft products).

Obtaining certificates, ratings (e.g. accessible accommodation, hotel stars, etc.).


Why us?

With our help, you can publish offers that work better for you.

Increase your revenue and reduce your expenses.

Reach significantly more potential guests through us, with less effort.

Optimize control over ad surfaces, because if the control is in one hand, you only need one contact person to talk to about appearances who will keep in touch with ad surfaces.

All advertising information is easily accessible and you'll receive monthly reports on the progress.

Experts review ad surface contracts, paying attention to risk factors and if possible, fight for better conditions for you.

Needless to spend time consulting with too many people about publications, sending emails, making calls with the contact of each interface.

You don't need to keep in mind details about when the offers will show up, what needs to be returned for the publication, what's missing, how the payment will be made, or how guests / travellers contact you, and the relating additional administrative liabilities you'll have to undertake.

Get accurate information about the effectiveness of the ads and the timely payments, thus reducing financial risk.

Reduce the cost of the employees as it can save considerable time not only for yourself but also for the colleagues so that they can better focus on their own tasks.

Test your ads on new sales platforms without investing too much time and energy in establishing such collaborations, as we will do this for you.

Gain profitable business relationships and improve your services.

You have the opportunity to reach out to foreign guests through our international collaborating partners.

Cooperation with us does not entail any additional costs, as the commission payable to us can be incorporated into the selling price or, where appropriate, a reduction on the commission can be achieved on the ad surfaces as we intermediate offers from multiple listings and travel agencies to them, we have some impact on the details of such collaboration.

We generate statistics on ad performance every month, and the information received can be used for the improvement of your business.

As an independent point of contact, we can make suggestions or take responsible decisions giving the highest respect to your interests.

We can help you perform other tasks if you need to, generating additional benefits and value for you.

What disadvantages will you face if you miss this opportunity?

You will not receive adequate feedback on how successful an offer is or whether it could be even more successful.

Foregone revenue.

You reach fewer guests while investing more effort and time.

Communicating with different ad surfaces, reviewing offers, paperwork, discussions, and supervision drain a lot of time and energy taken away from other important tasks and running your business, including guests, which may lead to a decline in quality.

It is difficult to access information on ads and performance measurement is more difficult and time-consuming.

You may not always be able to assert your interests in the process of negotiating with ad surfaces.

To consult with the contact person of each interface individually, to review the offers one by one, to approve them or to request corrections are more complicated and takes significantly more tasks and time.

You need to keep records of a lot of cooperation information.

Failure to keep track of the amounts received from ad surfaces will result in a financial risk.

Administrative tasks increase the need for manpower, which may delay or reduce efficiency in performing other tasks.

You have fewer new sales surfaces to try, as developing collaborations take work and time.

Access to new profitable business relationships (experts, suppliers, cooperating partners) is more difficult.

Addressing foreign guests is more difficult, the business relationships that we already have you would need to build from 0.

You can probably negotiate less favourable terms with ad surfaces than we can.

You may not have the time and opportunity to generate appropriate statistics on the success rate of your offers and ads, making it difficult to obtain information that could help you develop your business.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of cooperating with us!

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Attila graduated with a degree in economics, then moved to the world of online sales and tourism, while helping to build a number of projects based on international green energy. He spent nearly 9 years working on various accommodation booking ad platforms, supporting hundreds of domestic and foreign partners in achieving their goals. He likes to travel in his spare time and spent several months in the Emirates and Asia, studying the local tourism industry and high-quality catering services closely. In his work, he is precise, creative and never steps back from challenges, no matter how complex the task is.
Phone: +36 20 237 0117
E-mail address: attila@azuritesolutions.com


Krisztián graduated as a technical IT specialist and has worked as a salesman since 2009. He worked for one of the largest domestic companies called Daily Deal for eight years, of which he spent five years in the travel sector. During this period, he helped hundreds of partners improve their offers and workflows and utilize their spare capacity. He travels with his family in his spare time, but also doesn't shy away from extreme experiences. In terms of work performance, he is perfectionist, precise and considers efficiency and the possibility of automation and standardization to be essential.
Phone: +36 20 929 9888
E-mail address: krisztian@azuritesolutions.com


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